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Public Service

The main activities of Fire Service are

  • Preventing loss of life and property when the Fire outbreaks, disasters occur.
  • Undertake rescue operations when fire outbreaks and during emergencies.
  • Providing fire safety awarenesss
  • Providing standby at large gatherings at a reasonable cost.
  • Providing training for fire fighting and rescue operations

Services delivered by the department to the public are

  • To save life and property of people from fire.
  • To rescue from floods, earth quakes, cyclones and other emergencies and disasters.
  • To render advice on fire protection and fire prevention
  • To enforce fire safety measures in all fire hazardous places like multi-storeyed buildings, hotels etc.
  • To provide basic training in fire prevention , fire fighting and rescue operations.
  • To provide standby fire fighting arrangements at large gatherings.
  • To create public awareness on fire prevention.
  • Prompt response to fire calls and other emergencies life floods, building collapse, train accidents , air crashes etc.
  • Issuing No Objection Certificate for fire hazardous places like Multi-Storeyed buildings, Cinema Theatres etc.
  • Assistance and advice on conducting Fire Drills.
  • Details of Fire Safety of Multi-storey Building will be given by K.Jayaram Naik, Regional Fire Officer, Central Region, Hyderabad
  • Assistance and advice on Fire Drills will be given by Divisional Fire Officer and Assistant Divisional Fire Officer.
  • Details on Standby Fire Fighting arrangements will be given by Divisional Fire Officer and Assistant Divisional Fire Officer.
  • Training on basic fire prevention will be given by Divisional Fire Officer, Assistant Divisional Fire Officer and Station Fire Officer.

Our expectations from the public are

  • Call 101 for our help
  • Obtain No Objection Certificate from Sikim Fire & Emergency Service for buildings above 15m height.
  • Provide and maintain all fire safety systems in the fire hazardous premises
  • Conducting of Fire Drills once in every 3 months in all fire hazardous premises.
  • Provide exact address with land marks and shortest route to reach the place of incident.
  • Give way to the Fire Vehicles attending fire and emergency calls.